Role: UX/UI designer
Yodlee was developing a wealth management product that consisted of a collection of finance tools targeted towards advisors and their clients. The collection needed a dashboard from which to view summaries and launch the individual tools. In addition to bank account summaries and transactions, the tools included things like net worth, investment holdings, and a budgeting tool for goal setting.
Problem Statement
How can we arrange a finance manager dashboard to satisfy the needs of retail users as well as investors?
Since there could be a varied combination of tools, a framework of key tools was needed to which additional tools could be added. We experimented with cards that emphasized different statistics, both numerically, and with simple infographics. Various configurations were narrowed down to 2 directions— a more detailed, interactive version, vs a simplified version that only showed minimal information on a collapsed card.

A 2nd iteration with interactive cards that expanded and flipped were produced and prototyped in InVision for user feedback. Users were more excited by the cards that flipped to show statistics and visuals in a more immediate way.
Feedback indicated the 2nd version was the winning choice, as it allowed for a quick way to access 2nd level information without leaving the dashboard in a clear and visually pleasing way. The tool was adopted by Innovation Partners to offer its advisors and end clients access to Yodlee’s financial wellness solutions through Envestnet’s Investor Suite. Clients were subsequently able to aggregate personal finance data from all of their accounts into a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
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