Role: Visual designer
Icons representing various expense categories were needed to populate a budgeting app by Yodlee-Envestnet. A requirement was that they would need to be understood across global markets that used the app, a challenge especially for the financial icons.
Leveraging the established Style Guide, I selected (or illustrated, when necessary) dozens of new icons to be used as visual aids for various categories to be represented. Using printed PDFs and online via SurveyMonkey, I informally tested a number of these throughout the Yodlee campus, running them through 2 rounds to ensure clarity of representation. Testing the first group by free response for elimination, and then scoring by association. The highest scoring selections were then selected as finalists to go into the app.
40+ icons were completed in a period of 3 weeks and incorporated into the mobile app.
Working with the interaction designer for the app, I styled and incorporated the budget category icons into the prototype, for showcasing in InVision. SVG icons, style guides, and spec sheets were completed in Sketch and Adobe InDesign over several weeks, and a prototype showcased in InVision.
The final icons were selected and implemented into the budget app, and icon style guidelines and a category guide were produced as final delivery for development.
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